There are some roles that must be filled

There are some roles that must be filled in any functioning blog. They are:


The most basic function of a blog is to generate content, so someone is going to have to write that content day in and day out. We’ll discuss writing content in detail in our blog.


For a professional blog, some sort of editing will be essential to create a consistent standard of quality. We’ll cover editing in detail in our blog.

Managing Writers and Contributors

Writers and contributors will need management to ensure their work is in on time, their questions are answered, and they get paid. We’ll cover site management in more detail later.


Until a site is a well-known destination, there is always work to bring readers, to generate buzz, and to build the blog’s brand. We’ll discuss generating traffic later


Generating revenue requires planning and work, whether it’s chasing up ad payments, comparing affiliate programs, developing products, or implementing some other monetization plan. We’ll discuss building revenue in detail later.


Like any business, your blog will need good accounting and tax records. The bigger the business gets, the more important these will become.

Web Development and Server Admin

Thanks to blogging packages like WordPress, you can often get by with very little web development. Nonetheless, even the most basic blog requires someone to set up the server, configure the software, and make sure the site doesn’t fall over if your traffic should spike. We’ll discuss finding and working with a developer later in our blog.

Web Design and Branding

A serious blog business requires some web design. Although themes can be pretty impressive, your site will need its own brand to stand out. We’ll discuss branding later, and working with a designer also.

Management and Direction

Coordinating the business is the job of the business manager. From early questions about topic and editorial calendar, to hiring and managing staff, to strategic direction and competitive analysis, this is in many respects the make-or-break role in the business.

A Simple Arrangement

The functions described above need to be accomplished somehow in order for a blog to succeed. How those roles are apportioned between staff is, of course, flexible. Hobby bloggers for example will often fill all roles by themselves. However, if you’re creating a blog as a business it’s not a good idea to tie up too many duties in a single person. Having only one person in all capacities means you are heavily reliant on that one person not getting ill, leaving, or otherwise putting you in a tight spot. Here’s a simple staff structure that could work:

  • Editor
  • Manages writers and contributors
  • Edits articles
  • Occasionally writes
  • Writers
  • Write content
  • Add content to the blog

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