Web Designer and/or Web Developer

Web Designer and/or Web Developer

• Set up hosting and blog installation
• Branding and design work
• Customize blog installation
• Make adjustments
• Server admin
Yourself (with the help of specialists!)
• Marketing
• Accounting
• Legals
• Business Registration
• Monetization
• Management and direction

This arrangement would require two main staff members in the persons of the editor and yourself, one or two semi-permanent freelancers for the design and development, and then a variable arrangement of freelance writers depending on how much content the blog puts out each day. Generally speaking it is best to start with a simple structure and then expand as the blog expands. Not only is hiring many staff expensive, but in the early days of a blog there is generally less work to do. Over time you can specialize out tasks such as marketing or copyediting to have a larger, more capable organization, but early on, simple is best.

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